Day 100

Here we are... 100 days without missing a beat... "only" 631 days to go :)

I was already sold on the Sudarshan Kriya, but I still can't believe how great I've been feeling since Week 2 of this odyssey. How can a simple daily breathing routine have such a profound effect on the mind? I guess scientific research will answer this question one day (and I will be reviewing current research at some point during the next 631 days, I promise!). For now, it remains largely a mystery.

Since Week 2, I've felt amazingly centred in the face of external hassles that would normally have shaken me up. Although initially put off balance, within a few minutes the external events just seem to wash over me, leaving me untouched. Try as I might, the feeling can't be expressed in words. It's like trying to describe what an apple tastes like; you can say it's similar to a pear, but more tart, but until the listener has tasted an apple, your description is relatively meaningless. Words serve to pique the interest... "Hmmm... apples sound tasty, maybe I should try one", but they can't convey the full experience.

That said, this is how Kriya makes me feel: calm, content and more aware of my internal state and the external world. It's a feeling of "dispassion" – not in the sense of having no passion, but in the sense of not being attached to things being a particular way. Curiously, though more dispassionate, I feel more passionate! My emotional world has opened up and I feel a deep connection with the world.

I could go on and on, but these are just words. If you haven't tried SKY or practised it regularly, just do it! You'll experience what I'm clumsily trying to express in words. There's no substitute for experience.

I feel so inspired by the results of SKY, that I've decided to apply to be trained as a teacher of the Art of Living Part 1 Course (in which SKY is taught). Writing this blog is all well and good, but I want to get out there and teach the technique to lots of people!

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