Into the 200s

With 227 days gone, not much has been happening on this blog... but lots has been happening with SKY. In December, a shift occurred in me. It suddenly became easy to do Kriya on a daily basis; in fact, I now look forward to it every day. Ever since early December (i.e. about 2 months ago), almost no discipline is required. This has made the 731 Kriya Challenge a doddle. But who knows what tomorrow will bring?!

This is a really wonderful journey. The effects of the Kriya continue to amaze me. There is continual progress, and that's what keeps me motivated to "Not Miss a Day!". What I really love is the state of "Relaxed Alertness" that pervades most of my waking hours. Usually, being alert implies a lack of relaxation – you're primed, ready to respond to some impending change in your environment. With regular Kriya practice, it feels different; there's a heightened sense of awareness coupled with a feeling of inner calm. In times of minor danger, I've seen this state help me cope calmly and effectively with the situation. For example, a few weeks ago, a work colleague threw a pen at me from a distance of about 4 feet. I didn't see him throw it because his hand was out of my line of sight. I reckon there was a split second between the pen appearing over the top of the partition he was standing behind and it reaching my eyeball. In that split second, my head tilted slightly and my hand came up, brushed across my face and deflected the pen. No adrenaline flowed before or after; I just felt surprised with how quick my reaction was and how relaxed and unruffled I felt. Seeing how close he came to hitting my eyeball, he was very apologetic, but I told him not to worry. Afterwards, I just sat at my desk pondering how calm and focused I was in that split second. In the past, there would have been a massive surge of adrenaline, I would have frozen and then become annoyed with the perpetrator.

So, I sit here typing... grateful to have the use of both my eyes!

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