The 600 Day Vigil

It's hard to believe that it's been 600 days without a break. When I look back, it feels like these 600 days have been effortless. But of course they haven't. The grid below shows how much of a struggle it was for the first 340 days. Lots of red and yellow signifying that I couldn't get it together to do Sudarshan Kriya in the morning. To be honest, the red blocks aren't strictly "evening", they're "last thing at night". On those days, Kriya only happened because of this 731-day challenge, without which I would have retired to bed, resolving to do my Kriya the next morning... which of course would get skipped too. The mind is SO tricky in the way it fabricates a justification for procrastination. Someone infinitely wiser than me once remarked:

"You know, I can't trust this mind."

When I heard that, I thought if someone like that can't trust his own mind, what hope is there for me?!


So, how do I feel after 600 days of daily Kriya? Really alive and very present. When I first attended the Art of Living Part 1 Course all those years ago, I was told that through regular practice I would come to experience the Present Moment as a practical reality, not merely a concept. Well, I can report that the Art of Living has delivered on its promise. One can read about living in the Present Moment all one likes, but it is meaningless until it becomes grounded in experience.

With each passing day, my experience of life becomes fuller and fuller. After 600 days, I'm wondering if this progression will end. I suspect there's no end point, and... that's a nice feeling!

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