The Dollar-a-Day programme

PICT_0321a - IAHV web siteDay 5, and all of the emails and messages of support I've received are an inspiration. For someone who finds it so difficult to practise regularly, these 731 days could have become a real chore. It's early days yet, but with all of you supporting me, it feels like an adventure rather than a trial.

Yesterday, Chris Virgona offered to sign up for the Dollar-a-Day programme for as long as I can stay committed to my daily Kriyas. Hmmm... now I really can't drop out!

Since 1985, the Art of Living has been supporting Care for Children in their work to provide disadvantaged children in India with healthy meals, schooling and medical care. For just a dollar a day, you can sponsor a child and thereby ensure that s/he can acquire the skills needed to become self-sufficient.

So... thanks Chris!

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