Lunar Silhouette (2001)

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Track 2 from the CD “Techtelmechtel – Tasty but Dangerous” (2001).

Laid back, cool vibe, analogue synth blended with jazzy guitar lines, electronic drums, fat (phat) fat bass line, angelic vocals.


Rick Evertsz – guitar, synth and drum programming
Malcolm Beveridge – bass
Kellie Morris – vocals

Lyrics (by Bernice Bailey)

Spend my days searching for an earthy lunatic,
To lie with me on a clear night and make this puzzle fit.
Spend my nights gazing at innocent blue skies,
Wishing for a lover with stardust in his eyes.

On a moonless night he came,
We danced till day,
He stole my heart and,
Then went away.

No one can save me from my lunar silhouette,
Spend my whole life dreaming of the one I can't forget.
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