Bombz Und Gunz (2001)

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Track 4 from the CD “Techtelmechtel – Tasty but Dangerous” (2001).

Choir and organ give way to slap bass, rock drums, distorted guitar and hard-faced vocals. Unusual blend of idioms.


Rick Evertsz – guitar, organ
Malcolm Beveridge – bass
Kellie Morris – vocals
Mike Minton – drums
Natalia Evertsz, Madeleine Griersmith, Laurey Shelton, Laura Swan – choir

Lyrics (by Bernice Bailey)

Watch the world die in my mind,
Some get rich, some stay blind,
We are all pawns in a game,
The end's begun, who's to blame.

Better wake up get up and go to hell,
Earn your money and try to get laid,
Yeh ‘cos if you're feelin' comfy,
Just don't let your little mind stray, hey?
Don't ask questions and don't contemplate,
Keep your head down, don't get in the way,
‘Cos your picture-perfect lifestyle,
Makes you glad to stay where you stay, yeh.

Multi-nationals feed us lies,
They get fat, future dies,
Fuck the oceans, rape the land,
Take it all, ain't life grand?

Repeat Chorus
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