This is a fairly small "personal" web site, probably only of interest to those who know me already. It used to be quite large, but I've recently dropped lots of sections. It had become too grand for someone as simple and humble as my good self!

The Music section presents music I've been involved in creating.

The 731 Kriyas section is a blog documenting my effort to do 731 Sudarshan Kriyas in a row (that's 2 years, including the extra day in 2008). This unique breathing technique is taught by the Art of Living and leaves you feeling deeply rejuvenated. It still puzzles me how something so simple can so profoundly affect the mind. I guess after thousands of years of experimentation, those Yoga Masters were onto something! My subsequent challenge was to do a minimum of 45 contiguous minutes of asanas (yoga postures) a day, for 1001 days straight.

There's also a wee Blog.

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