Day 1... only a thousand to go

After a short sleep in a hotel in Brisbane (up late doing slides for a presentation), I got up at 5am. Couldn't wait to get started on the challenge, despite having a mildly debilitating virus that's been hanging around for a few days.

After 10 days on the Sri Sri Yoga course in Taiwan, doing 3 to 4 hours of asanas a day, 45 minutes felt ridiculously short. But, I had to stop, do 45 minutes of Kriya and then get ready for the conference.

I'm pretty excited about this challenge. Asanas have always been a major struggle for me. If my Kriya challenge is anything to go by, I'll be hooked by the end. Missing a day of Kriya is now inconceivable. It's a deeply ingrained habit. The Kriya challenge finished nearly a year ago, but I'm still going strong... 1081 days and counting. In 15 days it'll be 3 years without a break. Can this be the same guy who struggled for all those years to be consistent with his Kriya? No, it's not the same guy. Who stole the old Rick? Who cares?! They can keep him :)

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