Ready Rubbed

Definitive Band Members

  • Malcolm Beveridge (bass)
  • Rick Evertsz (guitar)
  • Andrew Jackson (sax)
  • Greg Rowan (drums)


Early Band Members

  • Emelia Wilmott (sax)
  • Erin Sulman (drums)
  • Shaun Nihill (trumpet)
  • Martin Curmi (keys)
  • Belinda Coco (vocals)
  • Sam Parry (trumpet)
  • James Hughes (bass)



All over the place, but most memorably: BarleyCorn Hotel, Planet Café, The Punters, The Royal Derby, Mayfields, Dizzy's, 303, Ruby's Lounge and Mango Lounge Bar.

I formed the band in early 1997, using 15 or so tunes I’d written. It started out as an instrumental band (sax, trumpet, guitar, bass & drums).

Malcolm Beveridge (bass) joined in mid-1997 and really transformed my compositions. Working with Mal changed my view of what constitutes a “composition”. The tunes ended up with the same melody and chords, but the arrangements and rhythm were altered to yield very different songs. I believe that the tunes would have gone nowhere without him.

From 1998 to 2001, Ready Rubbed went through a few changes of personnel; vocalists, drummers, pianists, you name 'em, we tried 'em.

Over time, the compositions moved towards the electronic end of the spectrum (early 2001), but then the sound reverted to a largely electro-acoustic, jazz sensibility (end of 2001).

At the end of 2004, we all got tired of playing jazz/funk and moved on to other things. Who knows, in 20 years we may reform to tour Australia’s RSLs (you need to be Australian to get that joke).

The original web site is a bit of gem; you can view it by clicking here. When you get there, click on the saxophone button and then select “Short Samples”; it’s my favourite section.

Feel free to download the tracks on this page. I hope you enjoy them.

Techtelmechtel - Tasty but Dangerous


There's something for everybody here (to the extent that it's possible to do that with 4 tracks!).

Kick off with the two versions of Acid Drops - retro House sprinkled with jazz harmony.

Then sit back and chill to Lunar Silhouette's jazz-tinged electronica.

Fancy a break from vocals? Commercial Break will do the trick - jazz morphs into a slow Hip Hop rhythm holding up gothic organ and a plaintive blues guitar solo.

Still here?! Well, it was worth the wait for Bombz Und Gunz. Heavy rock meets slap bass, pipe organ and choir. Oh, and turn the volume down...

Zestful Version


Ready Rubbed's second release, Zestful Version, sold quite briskly at gigs. Ten tracks of instrumental Jazz/Funk and a moderately droll out-take. In contrast to Techtelmechtel, there's no electronica here, it's purely electro-acoustic.

The CD opens with Escape from St Kilda; you can listen to the other tracks by selecting them from the sidebar.

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