Rick shows early asana aptitude

Rick asana - 6 monthsRecently, I've been scanning old family photos and was delighted to find this early shot of me in the middle of my asana practice, at the tender age of 8 months.

It would appear that my asana practice was not encouraged, and so it lapsed before my self awareness, and hence memory, developed. I have no recollection of my precocious forays into the world of yoga.

Nevertheless, that early experience has stayed with me at a subliminal level. My 1001-day asana challenge feels like I've returned home. I'm loving it!

Incidentally, this is Day 51 of the challenge; only 950 days to go!!

It is said that babies naturally slide into asanas. I think this photograph supports this theory. My parents knew nothing of yoga, and so this asana is a natural expression of what my body felt it needed at that time. It's actually a very advanced asana that you won't find in popular yoga textbooks.

Like me, you are probably impressed by my sartorial elegance. I'm thinking of finding a tailor who can make me outfits like this, to wear when I'm teaching yoga.

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